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People's Choice Award by Eckersley's Art & Craft
Closing drinks and winners announced at 2 pm, Sunday 14  July
Arabella McCormak - Sophia and Claire 20


Project Name

Arabella explores how humans seek to understand the world and people around them by using perspective, imagery, and personal encounters. She finds inspiration in all aspects of her life to create an emotional bond through visual art, incorporating humour and the innocence of youth.


Project Name

Ivy's artwork delves into self-expression and identity, focusing on vivid portraiture. Her distinctive method involves manipulating lighting and editing to create a photographic effect in her paintings. Ivy employs both traditional and contemporary techniques in her oil paintings.

Ivy Brady - Red Portrait (Untitled) 2023.jpeg
Isabelle Beggs - Time Alone 2023.jpeg


Project Name

Isabelle Beggs creates contemporary artworks that reflect her surroundings and personal experiences. Her intricate shapes, colours, and textures explore themes of the fold, adornment, and human expression, inviting viewers to ponder the complexities of the human experience and connect with others.


Project Name

Isabelle Hacon explores identity, memory, and belonging through found images and objects. Her work depicts landscapes from her childhood home on a cattle station, aiming to answer questions about the concept of 'home' and the land's history.

Isabelle Hacon Perish #1 2024.heic
Piper Evison - You look like you give teethy head 2023.jpeg


Project Name

Internet culture and motifs influence Piper's mixed media and oil paintings. They distort figures to blend digital aesthetics into the analogue, creating satirical art that blurs the line between kitsch and refined creations, leaving a lasting impression.


Project Name

An oil painter, Tully Mitchell creates contemporary abstract figurative pieces with flowy lines and an earthy colour palette. Her artwork focuses on human connection and offers insight into human relationships by capturing moments of intimacy, empathy, and understanding through a delicate balance of abstraction and realism.

Tully Mitchell Tangerine 2024.jpeg
Eliza Baker - Close Up Hand 1 2023_edite


Project Name

Eliza Baker is a versatile artist who creates contemporary pieces using paint, textiles, and photography. She challenges herself and her audience with an experimental approach to art. Her recent work explores the distortion of the human figure through painting, evoking visceral reactions.


Project Name

Zoe's art focuses on queer identity, culture, and feminist ideas. She uses bright colors to represent post-lockdown connections. Zoe exhibited at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (2023) and was Artist in Residence at Immanuel Arts Festival (2022).

Zoe Kamarinos Seeing Double 2023.jpeg

Selva Veeriah is a Melbourne-based artist known for his contemporary abstract paintings. Originally from Malaysia, Selva left a professional career to pursue his passion for art. He has experience organising and curating art shows and brings his unique perspective and dedication to supporting emerging artists. 

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